Advantages of PC Gaming over Mobile Gaming


Today millions of people play video games on a regular basis all over the world. They play all kinds of games such as mobile games, PC games, games on consoles etc. Needless to say, this makes the gaming industry a force to reckon with. This fascination with the gaming world is mainly due to the innovation and high standards attributed to the industry. This has served well to level the playing field by relaxing the entry barriers that kept new entrants at bay and thus inviting both big and small players to compete.

Although the competition threatening the existence of PC gaming has been stiff, developers have been upping their standards to keep them running. This has however been hampered by the wide popularity of consoles and mobile gaming. It has been hard to compete with small portable devices that have powerful processors and displays which developers have been exploiting to their advantage. However, this is not to say that PC gaming is dying, statistics actually point to the contrary. Take a look below:-

  • Superior visual capabilities

When it comes to visual capabilities, there will never be any comparison between PC gaming and mobile gaming, it doesn’t matter kind of graphic resolution mobile devices can provide. The games thus look best on PCs especially for high end games that have been designed to shine on the screen.

  • Unlimited disk space

Sure, mobile games are easily available as you only need to download them from the app store then install them on the phone, space limitations are real. PCs on the other hand don’t have such space limitations, you can have as many games as possible stored on your internal hard drive and if that’s not enough, you can store them in an external drive. This enables one to have as many games as they want for a superior gaming experience.

  • Library capabilities

Another advantage of PC gaming is that one gets the opportunity to own games dating back to the 90s if they wish. You get to create your own library of games which you can store on your computer and play whenever the urge strikes. This enables one to enjoy their favourite games regardless of which era they are from. The experience is not affected as the games can be upgraded, tweaked, hacked or modified to one’s liking.

  • Unrestricted access

PC gaming can be described as universal because most games play on any PC be it a MacBook or a windows PC. This means that you can carry your games on an external source like a hard drive when on the move then find a computer, plug in the drive and you are good to go.


Despite the fact that mobile gaming has millions of fans, it has yet to reach the level of PC gaming in so many areas. For one, it is not making as much money as PC gaming is which is partly due to the resources that go into the development of a PC game. This is why millions of hard core gamers don’t bother with mobile gaming as they know where the quality lies..

Advantages of Mobile Gaming Over PC Gaming


For the longest time, PC games ruled the gaming world because there was no competition as mobile phones were still in the Stone Age era. Fast forward to 2015 and the mobile evolution is complete and is shaking the PC gaming world. With over a thousand games available for downloads on different mobile platforms app stores, the competition is real. Mobile games have been cropping up all over the place and gamers have been latching onto them like they can’t get enough. Developers on the other hand have been cracking their minds to come up with the best games for their fans.

This has led to a fierce competition from various game designing studios with each of them trying to outdo the other. Such healthy competition has led to high quality games that give gamers the experience they are looking for on a smaller screen. The visual quality, speed and concept behind these games has vastly been improved and polished to perfection. For this reason, you can comfortably point out a few advantages that mobile gaming has over PC gaming. Take a look below:-

  • Portability

This is the most obvious example which might seem small to some but actually makes a huge difference in the gaming world. The point of playing a game is to pass time while entertaining yourself or it can be for relaxation purposes. Whatever the reason, when the urge to play strikes, you will be so glad you can choose an engaging game from your mobile phone and you are good to go. You don’t need to lug your PC around to experience them, simply carry them around on your phone. They aren’t as big and heavy like PCs and are thus pocket-friendly.

  • Accessibility

When it comes to accessibility, mobile gaming trumps PC gaming hands down. You get to download as many games as you like free of charge straight into your mobile phone anytime you like. If you don’t fancy one, all you need is to uninstall it, no harm no foul. To avoid this time wastage however, it is best to read the reviews given by other users before downloading, to gauge the game properly. Updates are provided on a consistent basis to fix any bugs or upgrade the game for a better experience. PC games on the other hand have to be bought from software outlets, which makes them inconvenient and costly.

  • Networking

Billions of people own mobile phones while millions of these play mobile games. Connecting to others around the world has never been easier. This is due to the fact that mobile devices are by nature networked devices. PC gaming on the other hand is still playing catch up in this area despite their many capabilities over mobile gaming. This enables users to play their games over wireless networks simultaneously from PC to mobile. One therefore gets the opportunity to continue where they left off anytime from the available gadget.

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PCs might be powerful than mobile phones but as seen above, there are some features that make mobile phones advantageous. Each has its own qualities thus, it is upon the gamer to choose their preferred gadget.

How to Get Unlimited Coins by Using Cheats and Hacks for the Subway Surfers Game


Subway Surfers is a mobile game that has taken the mobile gaming world by storm with its cool features and a simple gameplay that allows players to run to their hearts content. This is done by controlling a boy whose goal is to collect as many coins as they can without getting caught by a policeman who is hot on his heels. It can be downloaded and played on both iOS & Android platforms and has given its rival games like Temple Run some serious competition.

To make it more interesting for players, the app allows them to spend some real money to gain access to more coins. This unlocks the game further to make it more interesting and addictive to its users. However, it is not possible for most people who want to have fun on their mobile phones to spend money buying coins.

For this reason, hackers have been hard at work to ensure you get to have your cake and eat it too by allowing players to use a subway Surfers hack. They have come up with a simple solution to get Subway Surfers unlimited coins. No rooting of your device is required, a simple interface that works on both platforms is all that’s needed and you get to enjoy your game.

How to go about it

The first step is to download Subway Surfer Hack Tool on your PC. After running the tool and the successfully installing it, get a data cable and plug it into your phone and connect it to your PC. Open the application and click the detect button on your PC then wait for the connection to be established. Choose the amount of keys and coins that you want to see in your game then click the hack button. After a few minutes (utmost 2 minutes) it should be complete. To confirm, disconnect your phone from PC and open the game to see the transformation. The Subway Surfers cheat will allow you to gain a quick advantage in the game.

This Subway Surfers’ unlimited coins tool also comes with capabilities to generate an APK file for extra security which activates the Backup and Security Script option. This generated APK file can be set to give you as many coins and keys you wish for. For this, you will be required to put it in your Subway Surfers apps path to complete the hack. Simply download the APK file for a tutorial to get the step-by-step guide.

What you get from this Subway Surfers hack

  • You get unlimited keys and coins for your gaming pleasure.
  • You get to unlock all characters and boards that were previously inaccessible.
  • Like the original, you also get an interface that is virus free and user-friendly.


This method has been tried and has proven to work for thousands of fans that want to get the full experience for free by using subway Surfers cheats. Simply follow the given instructions for your platform for a quick installation. It allows you to get Subway Surfers unlimited coins and many other cool features that improve the gaming experience. As a bonus you get to enjoy the perks that come with the original mobile game but on another level.

A Guide into PC Gaming and Mobile Gaming


Gamers have been enjoying an array of gaming platforms that are available today thanks to technology and innovation. They get to choose between portability, quality and budget which ensure there is something for everyone. If one, for instance, wants to enjoy a simple and entertaining game without spending any money, they can choose mobile games. If interested in a powerful high quality game that offers one the experience of a lifetime, then PC gaming is the best choice.

How to start gaming on your PC

PC gaming has been around for a while now and has been evolving rapidly to bring its fans the out of world experience they crave for. This has led the gaming world to be divided into different categories to give gamers options to choose from. There are games that require internet connection to play as they are based online and are played by other players on the server for free. Then there are other online games that require real money to access the premium abilities or items. Gamers also get the option to choose simulation games which allow them to simulate real life situations. These include flying a plane, farming, construction, family and many more.

With PC gaming, the possibilities are endless for fans as they get to enjoy realistic experiences thanks to the cutting edge graphics. You even get to play games on social media sites like Facebook. All that is needed is a PC and an internet connection to play. You can also purchase games from software stores which are stored on discs then installed on your computer for your gaming pleasure. No additional hardware is required as the mouse or arrow keys are used to control the game. Disc space has to be available however, to be able to run and install the game on the PC.

How to start gaming on your mobile device

Mobile gaming is done on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and iPads and has evolved to become a force to reckon with. They run on platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry OS and Windows with each having its own games available for download.

Owning a game is as simple as visiting the app store and browsing the available games on the store with some being free while others have to be paid for to gain access. These are usually cheap and will set you back a few coins to own them. Downloading them requires an internet connection and within minutes, it is done. Upgrades are provided for frequently and notifications are received to that effect so that one can quickly downloads upgrades.

These games are usually easy to understand and are played through touchscreen or arrow keys on the keypad. Mobile games are usually small scale and don’t require a lot of disc space or complicated installation process. Be ready to drain your battery if you play for long though.


Every gaming platform comes with its limitations and strengths thus it is upon the user to choose the best option to suit their purpose. Do some research before starting on a game to avoid disappointments and wastage of resources.

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