A Look at Improvement in Game Technology


Are you surprised how your living room, computer, mobile phones and generally everywhere else has been taken over by video game? This was not the same in many years ago when the world of video games were just a trend with only games that were developed with idea of physics like in the case of Pong game. Therefore, as the technology advances so the world of gaming is making progressive movement. More so, the advancement in the technology has enhanced popularity of video games in today’s society. Lots of things that were not possible in the time past when it comes to gaming are now seen as easy and simple things to do in the world of gaming due to technological advancement.

The New Thing You Need To Know About Artificial Intelligent In the World of Gaming

Indeed, artificial intelligent is nothing new in the world of gaming. In fact, it was present in Pong game which is the first commercial game that was published. If you have played Pong game, you will discover that artificial intelligent is always present every time you serve ball to your opponent. However, the new thing about artificial intelligent in the gaming world is the increasing ability of the artificial intelligent in mimicking human beings in the game.

What You Need to Know about Improvement I Technology in Today’s Game

In today’s video games, the enemies are seen implementing all manner of war tactics including flanking. They will even go to the extent of throwing grenade on you when they are not able to catch true picture of you. Also, they will put their forces together with their teammate to pull their opponent down in the game. These may sound familiar to you but they are what that happened in the real life warfare which is the same the artificial intelligent are mimic in fighting their enemies.

The Realistic of Physics in Today Video Game

Though geometric physics was applied in the development of old games like the pong yet, the extent at which it is being used in the gaming world today is becoming too much. In fact, application of physics in the world of video games is now more realistic than how it was in the time past. In most video games, you will find yourself jumping from the pick of a mountain and get back on your feet and you can be punched by an enemy and you will fall and get back up. All these are the improvement in gaming technology making gameplay more interesting and exciting than ever.

The Physics Technology in the World of Gaming

The world of gaming has evolved with more application of physics technologies. One of the technologically improved games called Crysis was developed as an answer to the questions in physics about the refraction of light when it is being shined on the surface of water and others. In fact, gaming world is has made progressive movement with lots exciting features all because of the application of technological improvement in the world of gaming.

Good News for Gamers


For those people who are extremely passionate about gaming but often find themselves being rather limited in their experience because of money issues have some good news awaiting them. There has been some new technology that has come out from Sony’s new all-you-can eat online subscription service. You would find that even the Play Station 4 owners would find it easier to go back to PS3 titles and therefore get even more addicted. Sony Computer Entertainment has just recently announced that the PlayStation Subscription service will be available from January 13, 2015 in Canada and the United States.

This would mean that the service would provide free online access to more than 100 PlayStation 3 games, which will include games produced by SCE Worldwide Studios as well as other game publishers including Sega, Namco Games America, Bandai and Warner Brothers. The subscribers simply have to pay up US$19.99 per month if they want the subscription to continue. Otherwise, they also have the option to simply sign for three months within the cost of $44.99. You would also find a free seven-day trial.

In the past several months, Phil Rosenberg, the vice president of business development and publisher relations at SCEA stated that there had been an increase in the demand from customers to get overall subscription. There are many people who did not have PS3 and wanted to play those games. Therefore, people would now be able to play those games that they might have missed previously.

It is quite simple to use this new technological innovation in the gaming world. You would be able to bypass any kind of installs, patches and downloads. You can also find that the progress on the games is simply saved on the cloud servers, which can then be accessed through any Now-Enabled PlayStation Device. Therefore, this new service will add more value to the worth of the Sony and of course, it is quite beneficial for the gamers. You would also find that it has been projected that the older titles would also increase the sales of the newer titles in PS4. In fact, it has also led to an increase in revenue for sales because newer avenues would be explored.

This is the perfect games streaming solution but of course, this really depends upon the Internet bandwidth and other such options. It has also been predicted that Microsoft will soon be stepping into this world because it has had an excellent experience in putting forth the Xbox Live cloud service which the competitors have been unable to do. Therefore, there is a high chance that they would also jump into the field of games streaming. However, this simply means better news for the gamers who want to explore more games in a cost-effective manner. Therefore, if this technology is made available across all the competitors in the market, this can get really huge allowing gamers to expand their horizons. There is nothing to lose but much more to gain through such a move!